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Allison Little

 Choreographer             Creative Director          Performing Artist                  

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Allison is a Nashville based choreographer, creative director, performing artist and master teacher. With over 20 years in the entertainment industry, Allison has poured her heart and soul into sharing her gifts via her magnetic professional performances and personalized instruction from Los Angeles to New York City and most recently Nashville. Her professional performances have toured throughout the United States as well as internationally in Canada and South America. 

Allison loves to inspire movement through intention and storytelling. Collaborating with other artists drives her creativity and fuels her creative process. 

About Me



Allison launched IGNITE, a Professional Performance Training Program for students 13+ this past fall, under her company Kerosene Creative Productions, LLC. IGNITE is now in its Spring Session that runs from March 31 - May 19th. 

IGNITE focuses on equipping students through knowledge, experience and personal feedback to give them the tools and confidence to become more successful performers. Through constructive critiques and encouragement we see massive growth in our students! To learn more about IGNITE or KCP please click our logo!

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Allison started her 9th year as an adjunct professor at Belmont University in Nashville and is currently teaching for the Theatre and Dance Department


Allison was in rehearsals for Nashville Repertory's production of Mary Poppins early this spring before all theaters got shut down



Christmas '19 Allison got to be the 

Associate Choreographer

for the National Tour of

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

during tech week! 

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Allison with Director Matt August, Choreographer Bob Richards, and Scott Seidl

Allison started teaching technique classes at Grassland Dance Academy and continued for her 6th year with Williamson County's Dance Program!

Summer of '19 Lifeway contracted    Allison to choreograph a video for their Fuge Camps!

Spring of '19 Allison choreographed a music video for recording artist Violet Lavelle! 

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Matthew Simmons Photography
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2021 21st Ave. South Suite 102

Nashville, TN 37212

(615) 279-0010

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